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ElCartel — Tattoo Needle Manufacturer

Every tattoo artist working on human bodies must have the right tools to execute even the most complex designs. In this line of work, safety and precision are of utmost importance, and they can only be guaranteed by high-quality accessories handled by the skilled hands of a professional tattoo artist. Tattoo shop ElCartel is the place where you will find essential equipment for your tattoo studio, namely tattoo needles. Our needles will make even the most challenging tasks achievable. We offer a wide selection of models in various sizes and configurations. Tattoo supplies store ElCartel was created to offer its customers solid, durable, modern, and precise products. With our available needles and cartridges, you can create intricate shapes, contours, and shades. The modern design ensures that every job will be carried out smoothly and comfortably. Our needles are made from the best materials, guaranteeing their reliability.

Tattoo Artist Tattooing
Choosing Tattoo Design

Modern and Convenient Tattoo Cartridges

If you prioritize the ease of use of your tools and the safety of your clients in your work, be sure to check out modular needles, also known as cartridges, offered by our tattoo equipment store. This type of equipment comes with countless benefits that significantly facilitate and speed up the task at hand. You can quickly and easily mount tattoo cartridges on your grip or pen. The minimal steps required to replace them significantly reduce the risk of errors and accidental pricking, which could pose a health hazard. As you know, hygiene and safety in a tattoo studio are absolutely essential.

Our cartridges are precision-engineered and feature a silicone membrane that prevents ink or blood from entering the interior of the machine. This solution also protects against splashing on the grip and work area. The membrane's additional advantage is that it acts like a spring, allowing the needle to retract into the cartridge housing. The cartridges available from us are professional tattooing equipment designed to meet the needs and requirements of every tattoo artist. The modern cartridge design ensures a perfect and uninterrupted ink flow, guaranteeing the highest level of comfort during work. ElCartel's tattoo supplies store has a variety of tattoo needles suitable for every professional artist who wants top-notch tools. Only such equipment ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Professional Needles in Various Configurations

Our needles allow for efficient and precise shading and filling, even on particularly large body surfaces. Their durability, reliability, and sharpness are determined by the materials from which they are made. Tattoo equipment from ElCartel includes needles made from non-allergenic components, such as surgical stainless steel with enhanced resistance to damage, and cartridges with solid medical-grade plastic housings. In our store, you'll find needles in all the most popular sizes. You can choose from different types used during the tattooing process. We offer the following needle models:

  • Magnum – featuring two rows of flat-soldered needles arranged alternately. They are excellent for shading and filling large body surfaces with ink.
  • Round Liner (RL) – needles arranged in a circle, perfect for creating outlines and lines.
  • Round Shader (RS) – needles arranged in a circle parallel to each other, used for shading, blending, and filling.
  • Flat – needles arranged in a single row flatly. They are used for shading and precise filling of large areas.
  • Soft Edge Magnum (SEM) – needles arranged in an arc with the outer needles slightly retracted in relation to the center. This creates a beautiful fading effect, ideal for creating gradations and gentle tonal transitions.
  • Turbo Round Liner – similar to RL but with looser needle arrangement, and the central needle is slightly retracted, allowing for more ink intake and storage inside the cartridge.
Focused Tattoo Artist at Work
Close-up Tattooing

Safety and Hygiene at the Highest Level

ElCartel is a tattoo artist's store that cares about providing the highest level of service. Our tattoo needles come with a solid construction, precise soldering, and configuration. They stand out for their perfect sharpness, enabling you to achieve excellent results. All our needles and cartridges, available in our online store, are sold in sterile packages, guaranteeing the desired cleanliness and hygiene in every tattoo studio. They fit any classic machine with a properly selected grip or pens.

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